Universal Deluxe 5 Seat Car Leather Seat Front Rear Covers Cushion Pillows

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Product Name: Car Seat Cover
Specifications: Five Seats Universal
Type: Four Seasons General
Quantity: 1 Set
Color: Red and Black, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow
Material: Wear-Resistant Leather + Non-Slip Bottom Fabric
1. Facing is comfortable wear-proof PU leather. Comfortable and breathable, antibacterial, soft texture, anti-static, no discomfort even a long contact, smooth and delicate.
2. Head design is simple; binding is wear-proof. Stylish and elegant process. Matched with neck pillow, it can relieve your fatigue The back is close designed and whole surrounded; it reserves for airbag outlet, beautiful and safe.
3. Large base in front row and whole surrounded design at side of front seat which has no shifting and slide protect the car seat well. Storage bag is designed for front seat which is practical.
4. 3 in 1 rear row, reserve for airbag outlet, small head cap in centre, durable and safe.
5. Easy to install, practical.Easy to clean.
Package Included:
2x Front Seat Covers
3x Back Seat Covers
1x Rear Central Head Cover
2x Neck Pillows