Smooth X Handheld Gimbal Extension Rod Stick Stabilizer Portable Palm Size Selfie Stick for iPhone Tiktok YouTube Live Stream Vlog Video Selfie

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Grab your Smooth X Handheld Gimbal Extension Rod Stick Stabilizer Portable Palm Size Selfie Stick Now!




Brand Name: ZHIYUN

Item Name: Smooth X

Color: Grey, White (optional)

Version: Stabilizer Only, Stabilizer + Tripod + Storage Bag (optional)

Product Dimension: 65*56*145mm

Product Net Weight: 246g/Unit

Gross Weight (including package): 400g

Operation Voltage: 3.4V-4.2V

Operation Current: 220mA-3000mA

Charging Voltage: 4.7V-5.5V

Charging Current: 500mA-850mA

Following Deviation in Motion State: ± 0.3°(Max),± 0.1°(Standard),± 0.05°(Min)

Following Deviation in Static State: ± 0.04°(Max),± 0.01°(Min)

Roll Mechanical Range: 285°

Pan Mechanical Range: 300°

Controllable Roll Angle: -80°~+180°

Controllable Pan Angle: -120°~+180°

Operation Temperature: -10℃ ~ 40℃ 

Battery Capacity: 1000 mAh

Battery Runtime: 4h-5.5h(Lab Data 1)

Charging Time: 2h(Lab Data 2)

Valid Payload: 75g-260g

Mounting Clamp Supporting Range: 50mm-90mm

Bluetooth: Low Power Consumption Bluetooth 5.0

Compatible Models: Smartphones that their width is within the holder's capable width.


- Foldable Phone Size

Ultimate flexibility at your palm. Weighing only 246g, SMOOTH-X can be easily rotated to phone size and fits into your pocket.

- Extendable Grip to Level up Your Angle

The aluminum built-in extension rod can be extended up to 260mm, making SMOOTH-X a great tool for group selfie and releasing the possibilities to shoot from more angles.

- Simply Click to Portrait Mode

Double click the M button to switch to Portrait mode. Start vlogging, live streaming, IG story and Tik Tok videos in a breeze. 

- Intelligent Gesture Control 

Taking photos or start recording has never been easier. Your Smooth X responds to you when you show a V gesture or wave to the camera.

- New APP ZY Cami-SMART Video Templates

Brand new app - ZY Cami offers SMART video modes where you can find a bunch of filmmaking templates. Kick start the phone filmmaking even if you got zero video editing skills. 

- Easy Edit in APP ZY Cami 

Professional editing functions are integrated in ZY Cami. Cutting, clipping, adding music, stickers, subtitles, transitions, filters, beauty mode...all you want is here. You can share your videos straight away to Facebook, Instagram and other social media anywhere anytime. 

- Accurate Object / Face Tracking

Simply frame the object and let SMOOTH-X track and keep your object in focus.

- Unlock More Features

Slow motion, time-lapse, panorama and a lot more features are awaiting you to unlock. 

- Native Phone Camera Control

SMOOTH-X supports direct control to native phone camera. Clamp your phone and start capturing your moments in seconds.

Calibration Upgrade Tool:

For Mac OS, Click Here

For above Windows 7, Click Here

Firmware v1.83, Click Here

English Manual, Click Here

Package Included:

Gimbal Only Version:

1x ZHIYUN Smooth X Stabilizer
1x USB Type-C Charging Cable

1x Quick Start Guide

Stabilizer + Tripod + Storage Bag Version:

1x ZHIYUN Smooth X Stabilizer
1x USB Type-C Charging Cable

1x Tripod

1x Storage Bag

1x Quick Start Guide