Smart Abdominal Muscle Training Body Arm Trainer 6 Modes USB

Function Brief
Intelligent instrument is a powerful function of abdominal fitness through intelligent chip used EMS microelectronics ALC artificial intelligent chip, IC intelligent control technology, the design of low energy consumption to bring you a comfortable life experience, 6 simulation modes, magnitude 9. Rapid results of one of the guide and explain the problem of feeling first ignored neither exercise nor entertainment devices use wireless remote control design is compact, lightweight and compact. Let the body use a micro-electricity in the specific part of the body to promote muscle movement to relieve fatigue and relieve stress.
- Voltage: 3.7V
- Use mode: 6 modes
- Frequency: 1-100Hz
- Working time: 10 minutes each setup
- Output maximum: 98mA
- Controller size: 62*62*17mm
- Rated voltage: DC5V
- Charging time: 2H
- Charging mode: USB charging
Package Included:
1x Abdomen Pad
1x USB Charging Cable
2x Body Pad
3x Controller
1x User Manual