PickMasterX™ 30-in-1 Professional Lock Pick Tool Set Lock Opener Locksmith Picking

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Ever dream about being Magnum PI or that super Investigator and have the unique skill of picking any sort of lock with your fancy and handy lock picking kit?  Well, get this PickMasterX™ 30-in-1 Professional Lock Pick Tool Set and you can learn the secrets to pretty much every lock out there. Train yourself and you can amaze all your friends with your unique skill, or come to the assistance of someone in need who may have locked themselves out of their house, shed, or anything that is secured with a padlock or key lock. 

This set is of the highest quality and is gorgeous with a beautiful case to hold all your picks together in one location. Constructed from the finest materials and beautifully crafted...it just looks Awesome! 

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Specification :

Materials : High quality aluminum alloy + High quality stainless steel
Complete with an easy to carry case. It can be used to open many different types of lock, a perfect tool for professional locksmiths.

Contains 30 pieces of lock picking tools. Every piece is numbered for easy identification.

1 x Pick-Rake
1 x Pick Diamond
1 x Pick Rake
1 x Pick-Triple Wave Rake
1 x Pick-Hook
1 x Pick-Small Hook
1 x Pick-Double Ball
1 x Pick-Two Wave Rake
1 x Pick-Slim Wave Rake
1 x Pick-Big Wave Rake
1 x Pick-Small Wave Rake
1 x Pick-Triple Ball Rake
1 x Pick-Incline Double Bard
1 x Pick-Special Wave Rake
1 x Pick-Long Diamond
1 x Pick-Half Ball Rake
1 x Broken key extractor
1 x Slim Wafer Pick
1 x Auto Tension Tool
1 x Double-Sided Tension Wrench
1 x Professional Auto Tension Tool
1 x Spring Tension Tool
1 x Tension Wrench-Thicken 3.0mm
1 x Double-Sided Spring Tension Tool
1 x Convenient Tension Tool
2 x Tension Wrench
3 x Pick-Computer Key Rake

Package includes :

1 x 30-in-1 Lock Pick Tools Full Set
(Full accessories as pictures shows)

Details pictures :