LED Helping Hand Clamp Magnifying Glass Soldering Iron Stand Lens Magnifier Tool

1. A useful Aid for soldering work or model makers.
2. Adjustable crocodile holding clamps.
3. Bottom battery compartment is furnished with steel plate which can enhance stability.
4. Ideal when a third hand is needed.
5. With two LED lighting,this model can work very well in the dark environment.
6. With three pcs of AAA batteries (not included),large capacity,this model can continuously discharge more than 10 hours,expediently be used.
Product Specification:
Material of lens: Glass
Color: Black + Silver
Product Overall Size: 170x140x160mm
Mail Lens Size: 60mm
Main lens magnifying multiple: 3.5X 
Accessorial lens magnifying multiple: 12X 
Package Included:
1x Multi-functional Welding Magnifier