Glass Bottle Cutter Kit Make Glasses Bottles Cutter with Edge Sanding Paper

● Use your creativity, Recycle glass bottles and jars and create functional art at the same time!
● Create your own glass sculptures, sun catchers and ornaments easily with this metal cutter.
● Can be adjusted to meet different specifications of bottles
● Simple and convenient operation

Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: champagne
Size: 30 x 12.5cm
How to use:
1. Adjust the glass bottle cutter to fit the size of the bottle
You simply need to adjust the stand of the glass cutter to the length you want to cut by loosening the screw and put the bottle on it. Adjust the cutting wheels position so that it could keep touching and scribing the glass while using
2. Daub the candle on the scratches (2 or 3 times is better)
3. Scoring the bottle
Once the cutting wheel is at the proper location, start slowly turning the bottle. Rotate it until scratches appear
4. Separation
Pour the hot water and cold water alternately on the scratches (First pour the hot water, and then the cold water. At the same time, keep turning the bottle). Repeat it 2 to 3 times, the two parts will separate automatically. Thicker glass may take additional cycles
5. Smoothing the edges
Sand the edge down with polishing paper
Package included:
● 1 x Glass Bottle Cutter Machine
● 1 x Matte paper
● 2 x Soft ring

Detail Pictures: