68Pcs DentMasterX™ Paintless Dent Repair Removal Tools Dent Lifter Puller T Bar Tap Kit

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Grab your DentMasterX Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kit (68pcs) Now!


Get your DIY hands on this professional, high grade PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) all inclusive tool kit and repair all of your minor and mid-grade dents on your vehicles. No need to pay expensive Auto-body shops to do something most handy-men(women) can handle. With this kit, you can do-it-yourself - don't wait, these kits tend to sell-out FAST! Get yours Today!

68Pcs Paintless Dent Repair Removal Tool Dent Lifter Puller T Bar Tap Kit

Product name: Repair Tool 
Plug: US Plug
Weight: 4320g

- 68 sets of car sag repair tool.
- A variety of car surface depression manual repair, simple operation, not to hurt the original paint.
- Can repair various sizes of pits, sucker full range, to meet your different needs.
- Preheat the glue machine for 3-5 minutes, then insert the tape, melt the tape substitution.
- Wipe the belt clean and dry, choose a suitable size of the connecting gasket sucker, the rubber squeeze onto the gasket sucker, stick to the depression and press a little hard to strengthen the glue and gasket adhesive firmness.
- To be hot-melt adhesive hardened, the aluminum bridge-type repair device to put up, the knob screwed in the middle screw, and then screwed to the depression has been pulled to the right place.
- Will be sprayed in the adhesion of alcohol, to be softened after scraping with a scraper pulled up. Such as an effect is not perfect, be patient, repeated use.
Package Included:
37pcs Pro tabs(10pcs red+22pcs blue+4pcs yellow)
5pcs Blue glue sticks
5pcs Dent removal pens
2pcs Hammer w/different heads
1pcs LED line board
1pcs Pulling bridge
1pcs Know down tool
1pcs dent lifter
1pcs slide hammer puller
1pcs Bottle for fulling alcohol
1pcs Red hander T puller
1pcs Glue machine
1pcs Plastic shovel
1pcs Manual
1pcs Red tool bag 

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