8MM 1080P 8 LED Endoscope with Attached 4.3-inch Color Display Screen

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Length: 2M

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Tired of dealing with Endoscopes that need to attach to a phone or computer in order to see the visual picture, or having trouble making the Endoscope work with your device? Well, here is your solution to that problem. This high quality Endoscope comes with its own 4.3 inch color display screen device. Now you can buy this product, receive it in the mail and use the item right out of the box. No worries on trying to have the right compatible phone or computer or trying to integrate the two devices in order to use the Endoscope. Requires no software download to operate - plug and play!
1. It can be used for automobile inspection, pipe inspection, air conditioning inspection, object search, etc. It is a domestic and industrial endoscopes.
2. Large screen of 4.3 inches, 1080 pixels high definition, plug and play.
3. IP67 waterproof, which allows the Chamber to do underwater inspection work.
4. Rechargeable li-thium battery, which has a fast charge time and does not need to worry about the low battery.
5. With 8-piece LED lights, the brightness is adjustable and every detail can be clearly seen.
1. It is suggested that the battery be fully charged for the first time. Use the USB charger (5 V / 1 a) to charge.
2 Load the TF card when recording and taking pictures, and make sure that the format of the TF card is FAT32 and the system is CLASS8 or higer.
3. The best focal length is approximately 3-10 cm, the farther away ,The observation reduces the clarity of the image.
Display size :  4.3 inch Color Screen
Pixel camera : 1920*1080
Camera diameter : 8MM
battery capacity : 2000maH
Charging time : 2.5H
Working time  : 3H
power input  : DC 5V 500mA/1A
Wire diameter/ length : 2.0mm/1.5M
Image Format  : JPG
Video format :  AVI
LED light : 8pcs
Focal length : 3-10cm
Length: 2M/5M/10M (Optional) 
Lens and cable are waterproof
Package includes:
1 x F200 Borescopes(hard wire)
1 x USB Cable 
1 x A Set of Accessories
1 x Box
1 x Folding Holder