517 Pcs Watch Repair Tools Kit Watch Link Pin Opener Remover Case Spring Bar Watches Accessories

Material Steel, Plastic
Quantity 517 pcs

- Screwdriver: Disassemble the Movement, Remove the Strap                   
- Pin Punch: Used with Watch Hammer                                                
- Watch Strap Spring Pins: Spring Bar Tool Accessories                                              
- Case Opener: Opener                                                                    
- Case Opener Pins: Case Opener Accessories                                                     
- Hammer: Change the Watch Strap Length with the Pin Punch        
- Spring Bar Tool: Change Watch Strap                                                  
- Pins: Spare Pins                                                            
- Tweezers: Clip Small Parts                                                             
- Watch Back Pry Opener: Open Back Cover                                                       
- Watch Case Holder: Fixed Watch                                                               
- Watch Band Link Remover: Change Watch Strap Length

1. Watch Repair Kit includes 517pcs, our set contains all precise tools you need to repair or adjust your hand watches.
2. Use adjustable universal case opener back remover, watch back pry opener or screwdriver set tool to open any kind of hand watch back,
    even waterproof and prepare for battery replacement; usable on 40mm wrist watches or smaller.
3. Adjust or replace wrist strap / band; adjust or replace your stainless steel, other metal and leather bands; Spare spring pins also included.
4. With a convenient fabric organizer case, you always know where your tools are.
5. Made from quality material, practical and durable.

Package included:
1 Set x Watch Repair Tool ( 517pcs Tools )