50×65cm Engraving Area 3000MW Laser Engraving Machine DIY Kit Desktop Laser Cutting

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1. Benbox Software & Manual: Click to download
2. Assembly Instructions, please check: 

This 3000mW DIY desktop blue laser engraving machine is ideal for amateur
laser engraving usage with grayscale printing,low-light positioning and freedom
positioning functions.It only need you to connect it to the computer,then you can
print any pictures your like with your own creativity.
Material:stainless steel and acrylic
Working Voltage:DC 12V
Laser Power:3000mW
Engraving Area:65x50cm(maximum)
Control software: benbox software support power can be adjusted, weak light positioning
Engraving Material Note:
1.can engraving materials:wood,bamboo,plastic,paper,leather,bank card,rubber
2.can not engraving material:metal,stone,ceramic,shell,light-reflecting material,
transparent material
Cutting Material Note:
It can only cut foam,paper,thin leather material.
a.In the process of using, please wear professional protective glasses
b.Forbid children to play
c.Suggested that the laser light in the case of focus, the power is too strong, do not use strong
light to illuminate the skin
d.Avoid the use of flammable objects or gases in order to avoid causing a fire or explosion
e.Don't update the firmware
Package included:
1x DIY Desktop Mini Laser Cutting/Engraving Machine (Wiithout Laser Goggle)