40X60 Zoom Optical Lens Monocular Telescope + Clip + Tripod For Mobile Phone

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Grab your Discounted 40X60 Zoom Optical Lens, Monocular Telescope + Clip + Tripod for Mobile Phone while the Store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on!


Trying to find a nice 40x60 ZoomTelescope to take with you on hikes, or for sporting events and concerts or other outdoor activities. Well, look no further, your search has ended. This product will get you closer to the action without moving a foot. And you can add it to your phone's camera for some amazing pictures!


Material: plastic shell, FMC coating, BAK4 prism, all optical glass
Color: Black
Length: 155mm
Eyepiece: 17mm
Objective: 40mm
Multiple: 40x60
Lens: All-optical glass
Antenna coating: FMC multi-layer green film
Prism system: BAK4
Line field of view: 1500m / 9500m
Large wide angle: 60
* Small and exquisite, lightweight portable design
* Horizon at a glance, waterproof, BAK4 mirror, ultra wide angle
* HD, high transmittance
* Support mobile phone shooting
* Day & night vision. It will help you see things in low light enviroment.
Application: Boating / Yaching, sports, bird watching, auto racing, horse racing, hunting, beach, travel
How to use (instructions)
1. Hold the telescope tube in one hand and see a circular field of view. Move the objective lens to adjust the handwheel until you see a clear scene. The eyepiece's rotation can detail for more precise focus
2. This product can see 1.5 meters of objects, other telescopes can not reach the function
Package include:
1 x Telescope
1 x Triangular bracket
1 x Cleaning cloth
1 x Clip
1 x Cover
1. Do not attempt to clean the telescope inside or try to remove the telescope
2. Do not use the telescope to observe the sun directly, this will cause permanent damage to the eyes