30L Stainless Steel Alcohol Distiller Brew Kit Distillation Purifying Alcohol Brewing Alcohol Making Boiler

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- Capacity: 30L
- Material: 304 stainless steel
- Outside Diameter: 33cm
- Height: 33cm
- Input quantity: 7kg Rice
- Output quantity: 4.5kg for alcohol content of 50° or 7kg for 30°
- Steaming time: 1-2 hours
-Stainless Alcohol Distiller Home Brew Kit
-Food grade 304 stainless steel,healthier and more durable
-Large space for purification,more ideal effect
-Coal gas,natural gas and firewood heating methods are all supported
-The container can be used as fermentation tank
-Adopt four times cooling technology
Please clean and dry the distiller after using.
Package included:
1x 30L Stainless Alcohol Distiller Home Brew Kit(Fully accessories as the pictures show)
1x 100ml graduated cylinder
1x Submersible pump
3x Alcohol meter
1x Filter bag
1x Check valve
1x Silicone plug
3x Silicone tube
1x Grate bracket