ProSafeX™ Baby Shopping Cart Cushion Seat with Safety Belt

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Are you worried about your child touching an unclean surface and picking up some kind of infection?  Would you enjoy having something handy you could pull out that would safely protect your child while you stroll through a grocery store or department store and would also give you peace of mind as well? Then this product is perfect for you! This product can be conveniently carried in its own small pouch and placed into the shopping carts seat section and it provides full coverage and prevents your child from touching any surface that could be unclean and dirty. A perfect solution in today's environment...but, this product is in high demand, so hurry and get yours today!


Description :

ProSafeX™ Baby Kids Shopping Cart Cushion Kids Trolley Pad Baby Shopping Push Cart Protection Cover Baby Chair Seat Mat with Safety Belt
Details Pictures :


  • Used as shopping trolley protection cushion, high baby dining chair cushion
  • Cover completely to give baby a safe and hygienic conditions
  • Polyester material fabric with strong heat resistance, protect baby from cold, hot and damp shopping trolley environment.
  • Machine washable, foldable and portable.
  • With safety harness to protect your child.
Specification :

Size : 65x17x23cm
Color : Gray
Pattern : Stripe
Material : Polyester
Package Includes :

1 x Baby Kids Shopping Cart Seat Cover